Brain Test Answers (Updated), Walkthrough and Hints All Levels [1-288+]

brain test answers

On this page, you are given all the Brain Test levels answers and walkthrough in case you need any help. This page is always up-to-date which means anytime the game has an update and come with new levels, before you know it all the answers are posted here.

Brain Test is a free tricky puzzle game, which shares lot of similarities with the game Brain Out. Brain Test has many simple tricky puzzles that at first sight seem very easy; but when it comes to solving the puzzles, our minds freezes and we cannot just solve a simple puzzle. As far as the game comes with lots of challenging and mind breaking puzzles, this game is a good way to improve your logic and strategy skills. This game is a single player game. But, is a good way of having fun with friends and family.

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Brain Test Answers based on levels :