Brain Out Level 68 Answer, Make the equation true Walkthrough

Brain Out Level 68 Make the equation true

Brain Out Level 68 Answer

Take the middle matchstick from number 8, and place it as a minus next to number 1. Then the equation would be 1 – 0 = 1 which is correct.

Brain Out Level 68 answer and walkthrough

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Brain Out Level 68 Walkthrough

On this post, you are given the answers and walkthrough of the Brain Out Level 68 Make the equation true.

Brain out is a free tricky puzzle game in which you have to use your intelligence to solve the levels. This game is a good way to increase and improve your strategy and logic skills. Throughout the game, you are challenged with levels that duels with your memory, calculation, reaction time, attention and many other skills.

Brain Out Level 68 Video Walkthrough

If you read the answer and couldn’t find out how to solve it. Here is a video walkthrough of the level :

Brain Out Answers All Levels